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      SNAPSHOTS FROM THE 50th REUNION - Thanks to Stan Stanford



Larry Bauman:  21 Sep 1943 to 21 Dec 2001; died at 58 in Walla Walla
Sandra Beetem:  no information
Donald Coble:  8 July 1943 to July 1987; died at 43 in Oregon
Barry Demotts:  1 Oct 1942 to 9 June 1991; died at 48 in Kennewick
Sharon Dickerson:  30 Apr 1943 to 26 Jan 2010; died at 68 in Walla Walla
Darrel Ferguson:  30 Mar 1943 to 31 May 2010; died at 67 in Milton-Freewater
Patrick Gillette:  6 Feb 1943 to 8 Feb 1991; died at 48 in Walla Walla
Linda Hopson:  29 Nov 1942 to 27 Feb 2007; died at 64 in Milton-Freewater
Linda Jackson:  died 8 Nov 1989 at 46 in San Diego
Carla Jones Olson:  19 Jan 1942 to 15 Nov 2010; died at 68 in Oklahoma City
Dick Jones:  10 July 1943 to 23 Sep 2001; died at 58 in Milton-Freewater
David Jordan: 1 Dec 1942 to 4 Nov 2010; died at 67 in Portland
Eugene Klise:  11 Feb 1943 to 15 Nov 1994; died at 51 in Everett, WA
Glen LaRue:  14 Nov 1942 to 23 Aug 2008; died at 65 in Walla Walla
Michael Morris: 9 Apr 1942 to 1 Nov 2004; died at 62 in Milton-Freewater
Joan Newman:  no information
Joe Parks:  16 Sep 1943 to 19 June 1998; died at 54 in Walla Walla
Melvin Phillips: 23 May 1942 to 28 June 1994; died at 52 in The Dalles
Sandra Roloff:  29 July 1943 to 6 Aug 2010; died at 67 in Richland
Dennis Steen:  died in 1963 at about 20 in Milton-Freewater
Diane Wilson:  no information

We sing to old McLoughlin, the school we love so well.
                    Her glory and her honor we proudly sing to tell.

                    She stands for all that's noble; in nothing does she lack.
                    So here's to old McLoughlin and the Crimson and the Black!

                    Fight McLoughlin, Fight McLoughlin, Fight right to your fame!
                    Kick the ball right through the goal post!  Touchdown is our aim!

                    Rah! Rah! Rah!

                    Fight McLoughlin, Fight McLoughlin, Fight for victory!
                    Fight Fellas, fight, fight, fight to win this game!

     >     We swam in the primitive unheated Freewater pool?
     >     Polio became an epidemic and our parents wouldn't let us swim there any more until all gathered 
                     at the Community Building to eat sugar cubes laced with the Salk vaccine?
     >     We celebrated the consolidation of Milton and Freewater in 1950?
     >     They used to move herds of cows and sheep by driving them all the way through town on Main
     >     We crawled up the fire escape slides at the grade schools and hid under our desks to be safe 
                     during air raid drills?
     >     The only way to Walla Walla was on the old highway?
     >     We could walk blocks and blocks to school by ourselves without any of our parents worrying we
                     wouldn't be safe; we could ride our bikes without wearing helmets and we had never heard
                     of seatbelts?
     >     We loved Saturday matinee black and white western serials?
     >     Movies cost 10 cents and we could get popcorn for 5 cents until they raised the movie price to 11
                     cents and then we couldn't get popcorn for the same old quarter?
     >     We loved reading comic books?
     >     We smelled lunch all morning at Central, especially macaroni and cheese, and we regularly ate
                     buffalo meat?
     >     All the play-ground equipment was set up on asphalt?
     >     The 4th grade boys used to hum while they were taking tests, driving Miss Evans crazy because, 
                    when she walked down the aisles, one set of boys quit humming but some other group of 
                    boys started?
     >     We scared ourselves by listening to "The Shadow" on the radio?
     >     We rode by bus to witness President Eisenhower dedicate the McNary Dam
on 23 September
     >     We served in the Ground Observer Corps?
     >     Some homes had bomb shelters with stored food and water?
     >     Our junior high Friday evenings were devoted to square dancing in Central's gym?
     >     We had our choice of out-of-school activities to keep us busy and out of
trouble including Blue
                    Birds (remember the Fly Up?), Camp Fire and Horizon; Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Eagle
                    Scouts; Little League, summer baseball and swimming; church, Vacation Bible School and
                    Summer Church Camp; Rainbow and Demolay?
     >     We roller-skated at the rink in Walla Walla and sold Camp Fire mints door-to-door?
     >     We swam in the Walla Walla river?
     >     The eighth grade teacher made anyone chewing gum wear it on his/her nose?
     >     David Jordan got hit in the head with a shot put?
     >     We marveled at the summer dry lightning followed by wind storms?
     >     Sputnik changed everything?
     >     Girls couldn't wear pants to school and the lengths of our skirts were measured by kneeling on the
     >     We girls were hazed as freshmen coming into high school and forced to wear onion necklaces?
     >     We boys were hazed by "hacking" with our wallets in the "can"?
     >     Initiation into the "Order of the M"
included forced marches,
tons of leg risers, picking 
                     dandelions and hacking, all enforced by Mr. Hudson?
     >     The guys put a "M" on the hillside behind MacHi?
     >     Our strawberry picking jobs were punctuated by eating and throwing strawberries at each other, 
                   especially the rotten ones, before we were old enough to pack tomatoes, apples, and other
     >     We were able to work in the pea fields and the cannery before we were 16 and the shifts were all
                    12 hours long, seven days each week?
     >     We could see the harvesters all lit up nights in the fields and smell the pea trucks delivering vines
                     to the cannery?
     >     Gas was 24 cents a gallon and we could "drag the gut" all night for a dollar?
     >     Some of us hid in the car trunk so we could get into the drive-in theatre for less money?
     >     We discovered extra watermelon in the fields, then ran when the farmer fired a shotgun in our
     >     The carhops wore skates at the new A & W drive-in?
     >     The band marched in Spokane's Lilac Festival parade?
     >     Our favorite Dairy Queen lunch was Dez and Jewel Martin's invention, a "Short and thick"
                    milkshake?  (What a diet we enjoyed!)
     >     Girls were so weak we were only allowed to play half-court basketball?
     >     We performed service projects at/for the migrant camp?
     >     We hurried to shut the house windows during the fall dust storms and were amazed when the Blue 
                   Mountain Chinook winds melted the snow over-night?
     >     We went to Whitman College to see their production of MacBeth?
     >     Miss Kepler, who had a special instinct for spotting troubled students, was our honorary
                     Homecoming Queen?
     >     The Monday morning after Halloween we were greeted by an outhouse on the high school's
                    front lawn?
     >     We had dances every month, at sock hops after games and annual dances like Sadie Hawkins,
Ball, the Snowball Dance, the Rainbow Dinner Dance, the FTA
                   Sweetheart Dance, and the Junior Prom?
     >     Some skipped the school dances to use their own record players, screw out the light bulbs, and
                   conduct their own private dances at the power house?
     >     Some of us liked drag racing in the Spafford area; others drove pick-ups to school with rifle racks
                    in the back window?
     >     Our parents were heavily involved in our activities, coming to the Horizon Father-Daughter
                    Banquet, to the Girls' League Mother-Daughter Tea, attending our plays, band and choir
                    concerts, dance and piano recitals, swim meets and driving us to camp?
     >     Mr. Hawes used to get our attention by throwing chalk on our desks?
     >     Hanford turned us into "down wind-ers" and we were warned about radioactive rain?
     >     Every May we celebrated the Pea Festival, complete with a Pea Queen and Court and a big
     >     All the guys had to register for the draft at 18 and worry about being drafted into the Vietnam
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